Censored For Caring About Suffolk County?

Invited, and then, UNinvited. Subtitle: political gamesmanship in Suffolk County, and why we need to change the way we vote, and the way we think about political parties.

The first question is, did all of those yacht clubs vote to censor candidates, or was it just the council that decided to censor candidates for political office?

The NEXT question is, did something or someONE influence them to make this decision? And why? Are they THAT afraid of what independent candidates might say, that they had to make sure that they did not get a forum to express their views and ideas? Is this a good thing for Suffolk County? Is this how the council treats boat owners, as well? Do they pick and choose who they let in to their council, or to a yacht club? All interesting questions.

I would recommend that you take a little time tonight, October 12th, and stop down at the Northport Yacht Club at 7pm, to ask the members some of these questions. You can meet me there as well, because invitation or no, I WILL be there, whether on the stage or not, to discuss with voters Suffolk County, and the ridiculous mis-management, overspending, and corruption that seems rampant throughout the county government, as well as the related boating issues.

See you there!

Northport Yacht Club
11 Bluff Road
Northport, NY 11768

Invitation letter from the GHCYBC
DIS-invite letter from the GHCYBC

Why Am I Running For Office?

Let’s face facts, running for office is not fun, nor is it a walk in the park. So why go through the hassle, the work, having to deal with the lies, the corrupt system, all to get on the ballot?

Let me give you some reasons:
Common Core,
No Term Limits,
No Responsibility To The Electorate,
Drug Epidemics,
Just to name a few.

Suffolk is spending more money than it has. And it is taxing our children (and us!) so much that families are moving to other states to escape the tax burden, and get jobs, because the county and state have over-regulated, over-taxed, and harassed businesses until many of the high paying work is now in Texas, or Florida, or North Carolina.

The tax base is shrinking, and putting even more of a strain on Suffolk’s finances.

According to Tax-Rates.org, “Suffolk County has one of the highest median property taxes in the United States, and is ranked 12th of the 3143 counties in order of median property taxes.”

That is UNACCEPTABLE. And yet, the “big” parties change nothing, DO nothing to stop it. In fact, they spend even MORE.

I will fight for the people of my district and Suffolk County, to stop the political games, the corruption, the sweetheart deals, the “Good Old Boys” networks that rip off the people for political profit.

Yes, I know. You have heard this a thousand times. But there is a difference this time. I don’t represent the political machine. I am not a “big” party candidate. I represent, and am endorsed by, both the Reform and Libertarian Parties to STOP THE CORRUPTION AND END THE MADNESS.

Do something different. Sign up for my newsletter. Help me campaign. Make a donation. Buy a sign or bumper sticker. Vote for something different and unique in Suffolk County politics. Vote for someone with principles and honesty and a work ethic.

Support Robert E. Schuon for Suffolk Legislature District 17.

I won’t let you down.  Because I will be working for YOU and not THEM.