How Did I Get Here?

Originally born in the Bronx, I met my wife in 1994 on Long Island, and we married just over three years later, and bought a house in Babylon Town. We love Long Island, and we have traveled to almost every spot around “Strong Island” in our 19 years of marriage, and we want to stay here with our family.

I coach Little League, and I see way too many of “my” kids and their families being forced to leave New York State and Long Island, due to the lack of jobs, cost of living, massive bureaucracy, and some of the highest taxes in the nation.

I am NOT a career politician. I am a hard worker, and I understand that the Suffolk Legislature works for the people of Suffolk, and not the other way around. I am tired of the lies, the grandiose promises that are not kept, and the back room deals that end up screwing over the residents of Suffolk.

I do not want to see MY grandson or YOUR kids be forced to leave our great island because of political corruption, ineptness, and laziness. I will fight every day to get us back to being the greatest island in New York, and these United States. We need at least one person in the Legislature asking why and what, and how are we paying for it – And I’m not shy AT ALL.

Help me be the voice of sanity in the Legislature. I want to live here, with my family, keep jobs here, and keep our people here.

But I need your help. Give me that one chance to show you what I can do, and you won’t be disappointed.